Simon Kincaid on hotel design

Simon Kincaid on hotel design

Simon Kincaid, Associate Director of Conran and Partners, spoke to the Independent Hotel Show this week, as part of their Independent Thought series on the changing face of hotels.

In his piece ­– entitled The Importance of Towels – Simon stressed the importance of ‘the little things’, and the new trend towards quality hotel restaurants…

Which part of a hotel matters most? The rooms? The restaurant? The lobby? The question itself misses the point. A good hotel isn’t just a collection of great spaces; it’s an experience. Making sure that it is consistent is much more important than creating one standout area. 

People tend to remember the worst aspect of an experience. You’ll quickly forget how tasty your cocktail was, but you’ll never forget the fifteen minutes you had to wait for it. When it comes to hotels, this means you can’t skimp on anything – the lobby and restaurant need to be great, but so do the corridors, showers and towels.

Hotel restaurants can be great restaurants. In recent years, hoteliers have wised up to the idea that food is an important – and lucrative – part of the hotel offer. This isn’t just about slapping a celebrity chef’s name on the door. Taking their cues from boutiques, independents and even pop ups, more and more hotels are serving up good, local food in attractive surroundings. The acid test? Whether the locals eat there, too.

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Hotel restaurants are a far cry from what they used to be

You can read the whole series here, and book tickets for the Independent Hotel Show here. We’ll have a very special presence at this year’s show, which we’ll tell you more about very soon…

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Images of South Place Hotel © Guy Montagu-Pollock