A splash of paint!

A splash of paint!

It’s incredible the difference a touch of paint can make. It is the easiest way to make an instant impact on your home, shift your mood, highlight your favourite features and intelligently pull a space together. If you’re not sure how though, choosing paint can feel overwhelming.
In partnership with Paint by Conran, Meredith Hull and Katrina Hollis, interior designers at Conran and Partners, shared some useful advice on using paint in the home at this year’s Grand Designs Live.
Trust us. Colour is amazing when you know what to do with it. 
“With all our interior projects we begin by really understanding the space. What do we want to celebrate? Is it the large period windows or the existing timber floor? Is it the view to the garden or the journey through the space? Whatever it is that is unique to the property or key furniture elements within it, we will use that to drive the concept.” began Meredith.
Katrina elaborated “From that, it’s all about people. Who is going to use the space and how are they going to use it? A family bathroom could feel fresh and bright, whereas an en-suite might be a dark and atmospheric oasis. Once you take a step back and consider this, it will really help in making the next step – choosing the colour.”

Conran and Partners Inspiration Mood Board Images A splash of paint!

Neutrals make colour the hero. Art work, soft furnishing, floor finishing and lighting elements pop out against a neutral backdrop. Go for an off-shade to bring warmth to the space.
Use the whole tonal spectrum. If you only use light and dark shades of a single colour, the space will feel monochromatic. Using medium shades in between will softly pull the space together.
Discord brings energy. By selecting opposite colours on the colour wheel, key features will stand out. A yellow chair in a blue room will suddenly become a celebrated element.
Dark colours transform the atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of dark colours! They bring drama and sophistication to a room. Similarly to neutrals, a bold solid colour can make your floor stand out.
Don’t underestimate white walls. Using white in your home will not evoke memories or a dentist’s table. Like with neutrals, a warm white will brighten your home and encourage colour used elsewhere to stand out, or your oak dressing table to be the focal point of your room.
Don’t forget outside. Your garden, terrace or window ledge should be an extension of your interior. You could use colours of the changing seasons, or paint a door or wall with the same deep pink as your rose bed.
Colour and depth. Textures can be offset and complimented by colour. A slate wall beside a rich deep grey, for instance, will highlight the contours of the slate.



Drawing on our experience in designing for the home Conran and Partners have created Paint by Conran, a new range of interior paints inspired by British plants and landscapes.
Our partners, esteemed British paint manufacturer Master Paintmakers, have passionately handcrafted paint in the UK for over 150 years. The ambition was to intertwine their technical know-how with our design expertise in the fields of architecture and interiors to create a paint range both practical and beautiful.
Find out more about the range here.

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